Dakota Gold – Plaza, LLC is led by its President and Chief Executive Officer, Cody Moe. Mr. Moe and Mr. Maneely has decades of hands-on experience in the energy industry and significant expertise in the management of large, complex construction projects and crude oil transportation.

Cody Moe

President & CEO

A Dakota Gold board member recently said, “Cody Moe is the most effective person I know. He has a remarkable, hands-on understanding of the Bakken and great project management skills.”  Those who know him well describe Mr. Moe as a born leader who is determined, hard working, extremely knowledgeable, and a principled man of integrity.

Mr. Moe began working construction when he was a teenager. He started his own construction company a few years later, building the business to execute large projects for customers including Baker Hughes, Cargill, Enterprise Products Partners L.P., John Deere and Petro-Hunt, LLC. In 2011 he formed a crude oil trucking company, growing the business from one to a fleet of 23 trucks hauling more than 23,000 barrels per day.

Born in Watertown, South Dakota, Mr. Moe has been working in the Bakken Shale for more than seven years. He has deep understanding of the oil and gas industry and the infrastructure challenges that have accompanied the play’s rapid growth.